Waterproof Truck Tarp Systems

When you choose our waterproof truck tarps, you’ll get a solution that will protect your cargo, whatever the weather conditions. Our waterproof truck tarps are built to last and are manufactured from high-quality PVC.

We’ll customise your waterproof truck tarps according to your requirements. This includes customising the bow height to cope with the types of loads you carry. The bow height can be up to 700mm, a height that is suitable for most bulky materials and heaped load situations.

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Safety, Performance, and Reliability

While you are not using your waterproof truck tarps, they take up minimal storage space.

Then, when you need to get them out, they are easy for your drivers to use, not least because they feature a single continuous cable system. This system prevents jams.

Our waterproof truck tarps are also safe for your drivers to use. The manual version is operated with a winch handle attached to the cab of the truck.

For the automatically operated version, the driver can stay inside the cab. The system is fully electric, so the driver simply needs to press a button to cover or uncover the truck’s load. If your trucks need to go to locations where drivers are not allowed to exit their vehicles, this is the ideal solution.

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