Pull Out Truck Tarp Systems

All the truck tarps we manufacture and supply at OzTarp are safe and easy to use. Our pull-out truck tarps, however, take this to another level.

The tarp is stored in housing that is attached to the front of the body of your truck. A rope is attached to the tarp which the driver pulls to unroll it and cover the truck’s cargo. To uncover the cargo, the driver releases the rope and the tarp automatically retracts back into its housing.

To find out more about this semi-automatic and highly effective truck tarp solution, please contact us on 1800 OZTARP. We can also give you a free, no-obligation quote.

Key features of Our Pull-Out Truck Tarps

  • Manufactured for Australian conditions
  • Customised to your requirements
  • Suitable for truck bodies up to 7m in length
  • Suitable for bulky materials and heaped loads
  • Bow heights of up to 700mm available
  • Manufactured from high-quality, durable, and strong PVC
  • Complies with safety regulations and is safe for your drivers to use
  • Housing for the retracted tarp is compact at just 20cm x 20cm

We supply our pull-out truck tarps preassembled. You will then need to fit it to your truck, a job that takes about 30 minutes.

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